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Coaching dogs & their humans how to better communicate


Hopkinsville puppy trainer
Maya & Steeler: 2 of my pack

Are you fed up with your dog’s behavior? Tired of him/her not listening? Are you so over not being able to have guests over, your dog never settling down, stealing food off the table? There is hope and help!

That’s right! 

Dogs can be an amazing asset to our lives, but let’s face it, without structure & obedience,  they can make us want to pull our hair out. Located between ClarKsville, TN  and Hopkinsville, KY, The Zensational Dog is beyond just dog obedience training. Anita will help you resolve a common dog behavioral issues such as potty training, jumping on people, and non-stop play to more in depth concerns such as separation anxiety and fear. Her goal is to resolve the struggles and frustration you and your dog are experiencing  so that you see changes that last a lifetime.


I believe the first step to strengthening our relationship with our dogs is understanding what they are telling us, Even more important is to understand what we have REALLY been saying to them. Taking time to learn how to ‘speak dog’ greatly changes the dynamics of your relationship for the better. Dogs can be such a joy in our lives, but they can also be an equal nightmare if problems are not addressed! Together, we will take a hands on approach in finding and resolving the problems you are having with your dog!  

Hopkinsville puppy training
Creating a proper relationship between dogs and kids

 I want you and your dog go beyond Basic dog obedience. Things like sit and shake are great but they aren’t the foundation of your dog learning to control hi/her energy, have manners and make good choices. I will help you attain this with your dog. This applies to puppies and adult dogs alike! My approach to training is relationship-based and involves a variety of tools and methods, with focus on understanding how your dog learns and helping you understand what your dog is telling you. By guiding you and your dog, on ways to improve your relationship,  my programs will bring peace into your life!

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I am looking for motivated owners who are willing to put in the effort, open to learning & change and who want to make a positive change in the lives of their dog and ultimately in themselves! I will provide the help, answers, and hope for families who are struggling with their dog’s behavior and obedience through education, compassion and understanding that they deserve.

 Then let’s get started!!

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