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Welcome to the next step in bringing out the best in your dog and your relationship with Fido!

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Would you like to answer your door without your dog going nuts, barking uncontrollably or jumping on guests? Do you have that puppy that is more than a handful? Are you able to have those holiday or dinner parties without your dog begging for food, counter surfing or just being an all-out annoyance? Is going on a walk or to the pet store a nightmare?

READY TO CHANGE THAT?? Are you ready to have a dog that is enjoyable to take places and not be embarrassed to to have company over?    LET’S GET STARTED NOW!



For the hands-on dog parent, these sessions are for you! In these sessions I will guide you through transforming your relationship with your dog.  One of the most important things to recognize is what part we play in our dog’s wanted or unwanted behaviors. Often times by changing this, we stop many ‘bad’ behaviors.  It is a team or household effort!

These are some of the common things that will be addressed:

    • Excessive barking                                                                     

      In home Program
      Goliath & his mom
    • Not paying attention/following
    • Nipping/mouthing
    • Door bolting
    • Counter surfing
    • Housebreaking
    • Crazy crate behavior
    • Walking on leash
    • Jumping
    • Not coming when called
    • Anxiety/separation anxiety
    • Confidence Building
  • We will meet once a week, approximately 1 1/2 hours each session. I will be discussing basic dog psychology, appropriate and inappropriate interactions with your dog and, of course, hands on work with you and your dog. We take time to really get to know who your dog is; take the time to build a healthy relationship.
  • You will see significant results even after just the first lesson. 

RATES:  Starting at $800 for 5 sessions starting in your home.  8 to 10 weeks will be required for more severe issues like anxiety/separation anxiety, reactivity, fear issues or off leash remote collar training.

**For multiple dog households, there would be a 25% discount for each additional dog providing there is a handler for each dog.

All programs include prong or martingale training collar, long line, pet cot AND lifetime email & phone support.


Jump start your dog’s training by letting us build the foundation. However, you will still play an integral in your dog’s success.  Have an adolescent or teenage dog that is still full of puppy antics? The Zensational Dog’s Board and Train experience is the program for you!  It’s an intensive lifestyle program that is effective by immersing your dog 24/7 in my training routine, which includes daily structure, rules for everyday living, socialization (people, dogs, environment), and supervised play done in my home, as well as short field trips into the big bad world! This is also a great program to enroll your dog in while you head off to vacation. Everyone gets a break and a fresh start! The goal is raising a dog that knows how to BE in everyday life and have a desired response to social triggers for your individual dog.

3 WEEK BOARD & TRAIN (not for severe behavior issues)

Training in a home environment gives your dog exposure to real life situations that he/she will typically encounter on a daily basis! This is a great option for owners who are having those minor behavior issues such as selective hearing, jumping, excitability or just no manners. It is also a great program if you just want to improve the relationship you have with your furry friend or you just want a little more obedience. Often times, creating structure and clear communication will eliminate unwanted behaviors.

We will focus on any minor behavior issues, such as:

  • Jumping
  • Excessive Barking
  • Counter-Surfing
  • Selective Hearing
  • Nipping/mouthing
  • Door Bolting
  • Housebreaking
  • Not paying attention
  • Pulling on the leash/improving the walk
  • most importantly, building communication and relationship

1 Private session will follow 4-6 weeks after your dog returns home. Must be completed within 60 days.

DOGS MUST BE ABLE TO SAFELY BE CRATED FOR AT LEAST 3 HOURS BEFORE ENTERING THIS PROGRAM. If your dog is having crate training issues, we will start with either virtual or In-Home sessions until your dog is able to participate in a Bard & Train.

Rates: $2400.00 for 3 weeks (Price does not include e-collar, which ranges in price from $180-$290, depending on your dog’s needs.) 

*Depending on the severity of the issues, additional weeks or remote collar training may be required.  This will be determined either after the consultation or early-on in the board and train process.



This behavior modification package is for dogs with more severe behavior problems or more in-depth training. I only offer this program on a case-by-case basis for dogs with reactivity, severe fear or anxiety. Dogs with human bites on their record will only be considered on an individual basis. Please contact me so that we can discuss the severity of your dog’s issues. Private or virtual sessions may be recommended as an alternative.

There will be a follow-up session, 2-4 weeks after your dog goes home.

Rates: Beginning at $3750.  (Price does not include e-collar, which ranges in price from $180-$290, depending on your dog’s needs.)

 *Depending on the severity of the issues, additional weeks or remote collar training may be required.

If you are curious about what a day in the life of a Board and Train dog looks like, make sure to check out The Zensational Dog on FaceBook  and Instagram where I post many photos, videos, and training tips daily of the dogs that are in training!

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