It’s very easy for most of us to take responsibility for the things going well in our lives, the successes: happy relationships, good career, well behaved children. But it’s much harder to accept responsibility for the things in our lives that are wrong or making us unhappy…the job we hate, negative relationships.

But we must take responsibility if we want to turn things around. Can we control everything? OF COURSE NOT! Will we make mistakes? OF COURSE! But it is how we react/respond to these things that matter. In many cases, it’s not responding or taking action at all that leads us to our unhappiness or problems. Hence, we have essentially allowed situations and people to to have the power.

This also applies to having dogs as part of the family. It’s sometimes hard to see, but or dogs are a reflection of us. And many times is just a matter of being unaware of our own energy, the energy in the house, the habits we are unintentionally allowing or creating in your dog. Every interaction with your dog is a conversation, it has meaning.

If you allow jumping, barking at people/dogs, barking out the window, bolting past thresholds, then to your dog you are saying it’s ok. Is this the dog behavior you want?

Do you constantly have to spoil your dog with petting him/her all the time, giving treats regardless of his/her state of mind? How about that high pitched or baby voice? Do you often use that voice? What does it create. .. excitement?

If you do not correct for unwanted dog behavior nor show your dog what IS acceptable, or your corrections are unsuccessful (your timing may be off, you may be correcting with the wrong energy. … frustration, anger) essentially you have not shown structure, rules nor leadership.

You have to stop blaming your dog for his/her ‘bad’ behavior and take responsibility that your actions, inactions, state of mind or just lack of knowledge has produced this.


Things can change! ! First. . BE AWARE! Be aware of your energy when dealing with your dog whether praising or correcting. Be aware of the level one of the bad behavior and correct, don’t wait for level 10. Keep calm, don’t correct with anger or frustration. Don’t praise with excitement.

Then. .. seek information. Find a trainer you connect with, watch their free videos, read their blogs/tips.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

But first. .. accept responsibility!

The Zensational Dog

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